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About Bobby Thompson

I’m an artist and a storyteller using photographs and films as my medium. That’s just a slightly pretentious way to say I’m a photographer and filmmaker. My approach is simple. I find what is interesting, then bring that to the world in the most compelling way possible. Sometimes that entails me and an iPhone, and sometimes it’s a full film crew with Hollywood level digital cinema cameras. Every project is different.

I’ve worked with everybody from Red Bull to Hawaiian Tropic, photographed celebs from Willie Nelson to Anna Kournakova. Produced a profitable feature film, produced and crewed on lots of short films that have played and won awards at big and small festivals across the country. I spent years as a festival programmer, and been a panelist at festivals from Slamdance to Oxford MS, in addition to speaking at workshops and college programs across tho country. For all the gory details, click on the LinkedIn icon. 

If you have a story to tell, I would love to talk and see if I’m the person to tell it. Just click the button below and drop me a note.