Essential iPhone apps


I think of Evernote as a digital kitchen drawer. You can capture and store anything, audio clips, web pages, pictures, notes, etc… and Evernote will automatically synch so your info is available on all your devices. You can forward e-mails, add attachments and files, or make checklists. Anything you store becomes searchable both by content, or by tagging with keywords. Items are stored in individual notes, and can be organized into notebooks. I use it all the time to save webpages and articles I want to read or reference later. Another of my favorite uses is to take meeting notes into Evernote. You can record the meeting and type in your own notes and thoughts, and be able to find it all later. There are tons of ways to use this powerful program, visit their excellent website for tips, ideas, and examples. Evernote is free, but for $5 monthly or $45 yearly you can move to the Premium version, which gives you more features, notably more storage, offline notebooks, and the ability to search within saved PDF’s. 



Are both similar services, offering free cloud file storage. Box is more geared towards the corporate enterprise market, while Dropbox caters more to the individual user. Both services are free, Dropbox starts off with 2gb storage (500mb additional for every new member you refer) while Box gives you 10gb. Both allow you to purchase more space, with Box being a little cheaper. Box seems to have better features for collaborative sharing, while Dropbox handles photos and videos better. I use them both in a variety of ways. My main use isn’t for storage so much as it is for being able to access files from anywhere, and delivering videos and files that are too big to e-mail.  I keep some documents on each, just as a backup. I have a personal folder where I keep scanned copies of my vehicle insurance cards, passport, drivers license, etc… I also have folders for my medical records, software registrations numbers, my resume, emergency contact info. In my work folder I have subfolders for my artwork (company logo, letterhead, website elements), a folder of forms (model releases, call sheets, job applications). I also have a folder where I keep downloaded owners manuals. Basically anything I might ever need remote access to, or be able to access from multiple devices. 



Stand for If This, Then That. Basically it uses 108 different “channels”, each with its own triggers and actions, as building blocks to perform automated functions called recipes. One I uses is If I take a new shot in Instagram, Then add the shot to a specified Dropbox folder. Their website has lots of shared recipes to get you started. 


Filmic Pro

This turns you iPhone video camera into a much more robust device, not only does it give you full manual control over focus, exposure and white balance, it's the only app that allows you to record at 50mb/s, and lets you select frame rates from 1-30 fps, including the film standard 24 fps. You also audio levels when recording, along with some editing options.. At only $4.49 this is a no-brainer. 



This was made by Nik software before being bought by Google. There are lots of photo editing programs available, but I think Snapseed balances power and ease of use better than most. It’s fast, allows for selective editing, and gives great results, and has become my go to editor on both the iPhone and iPad. 



This is the standard audio recording program used by pro radio journalists and podcasters. A little pricey compared to most mobile apps at $29.99 but well worth it. Easy record features plus the ability to add markers as you record and you get non-destructive editing tools as well. 


Instagram/Facebook/Linked In/Twitter

Right now, these are what I consider the most essential social media sites. I use the official apps of each service. There are some consolidators out there, Hootsuite seems to be the most popular, but I’m fine with the basics. Many other programs will let you post to several social media sites at the same time. If appropriate, this is a handy feature. Updating all sites with the same info, at the same time, every time can start to feel kind of "spammy" to people who follow more than one of your profiles.