I'm an artist and storyteller. Cameras and computers are my tools. Photographs and films are my media. You are my inspiration.

I’ll go wherever your story beckons. Past stories have taken me from the inner sanctum of the Oval Office, to the inner circle of  Willie Nelson’s tour bus. Screaming down the street on an inner-city fire truck, or careening down a river in the Grand Canyon. Breathing through the dust of the arena floor at a rodeo, or crouched courtside at a Harlem Globetrotters game. 

Wherever I travel, whatever I shoot, I put my heart and soul into it. I’m on a mission to find that magic moment where the essence of your idea – and my own artistry – meet. 

Where does your story beckon? I’d love to find out. Let’s travel to that magic moment together. 


accolades & all that rot

Here’s where I’m supposed to list my accomplishments, awards and other star-spangled awesomeness. But those are just the epilogue to the stories I’ve told throughout my career. Before you scroll down to the list below, take a look at my work. See something that speaks to you? Scares you? Moves you? Let’s talk.



I've worked with wonderful clients from Hawaiian Tropic to Red Bull, photographed celebs from Anna Kournikova to Willie Nelson, programmed film festivals, been on panels from Slamdance to Oxford, MS, lectured across the country, produced a profitable feature film that will never win an award and a multi-award winning short film that will never be profitable. 

If you're want to see a detailed resume, click on my LinkedIn link in the lower right corner of this page.



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